Credit Insurance

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Credit Insurance

About our Credit Insurance Partners

Able to trace its roots back to 1925, our Credit Insurance partners are the oldest commercial credit insurer. They are now a truly global company with over 160 offices in 50 countries and one of the largest insurers with Eur1.5bn of premium revenue in 2015.  The group retains its reputation as an expert in export Credit Insurance alongside a constantly evolving product range.

Strengths and Differentiators

A core policy wording with additional modules to reflect specific requirements allows flexibility. All policies include a comprehensive collection, legal and recoveries service, usually at no additional cost for insured debt. Knowledgeable Customer Services team with authority to agree lower value credit limits. They are licensed to underwrite in a wide range of territories and also publish regular sector and market intelligence information.

Products and Services

Credit Insurance: Whole turnover, single situation/buyer, named accounts, excess of loss, non cancellable limits.
Special Products: Advance Payment Cover, Pre Export finance cover, Unfair Bond calling, Confiscation of overseas assets, Bonds.
Additional Services: Debt collection, Serv@net.

Credit Insurance Summary

A leading underwriter for both export and UK trade with a comprehensive product range supporting their all round strengths.

Minimum Premium*

2,376 (Modula First policy)


*approximate amount only for information purposes. Not published by underwriter.